“The meaning of places may be routed in the physical setting and objects, but they are not a property of them – rather they are a property of human intentions and experiences.”

Edward Relph


Location Intelligence

Context is more important than ever before. Almost everyone is carrying a geo-referencing device with them at all times. Collecting location data and making sense out of location information are two different challenges. Many companies can collect points, but very few can make sense out of points, lines and polygons in ways that communicate new insights. We believe that location data as a decision-making tool is more powerful when combined with reference data and artfully rendered. We use the latest technologies to collect, manage, and communicate spatial information.

We especially excel at collecting data in hard to reach locations and under extreme circumstances.

We look for opportunities to constantly improve our location intelligence services; building tools, scripts, and process to automate data capture, maintenance, and management; as well as R&D and pilot project with Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in GIS. We test and employ the latest technologies available — from handheld LiDAR and autonomous vehicles to blockchain and digital ledgers — we’re pushing the bounds of what can be done especially in resource constrained environments.

Motivf excels at leveraging public infrastructure datasets, public works, and using spatial data to segment socially vulnerable and other hard to reach populations. We combine existing public data with custom-composed client data through combination analysis and other techniques.

Although we are recognized as good stewards of our clients’ funds and trusted for our high quality deliverables, we are not afraid to experiment and challenge convention. We work with excellent prime contractors and partners around the world and are ready for the next opportunity.


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