A Fintech company with a HQ in NYC that has received over $10 million in funding

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The client needed a digital marketing campaign that addresses needs for beta testers, awareness campaigns, feature validation, and Day One traction.

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Motivf collaborated with frazzled fintech to map out and project manage a comprehensive, omni-channel digital marketing roadmap.

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Motivf delivered a digital advertising campaign, copy, SEO/SEM, social posting automation, goal mapping, and tracked organic growth and conversion rates.


How we did it



Motivf analyzed the fintech's pain points, the problems they were attempting to solve with digital marketing, and determined a critical path to their solution. We then prioritized wants/needs and scoped out the project needs for budget/personnel and proposed a project road-map with milestones. Next, we executed on strategy, keeping a clear empathy/communication connection with client on progress. Motivf then presented deliverables and success metrics tied to happy clients, opening doors for upsell/crosssell.


From the Client

Being in a curiosity mindset means being fascinated by your customers and their reactions.
— Jake Knapp, Sprint: How to Solver Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days