Danielle Lee


Danielle has had a successful day when she has helped you learn to use a new feature in a tool you've been using for years. She is most driven when she can logically connect the dots between the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of a decision. Danielle has worked at the cross section of software and process in 6 countries and counting.

Danielle tends to break concepts, processes, and tasks into tangible, component pieces – not only to understand them more accurately but to find better ways to piece them back together. She thinks in process and always looks for better ways to connect process to people and technology. At Motivf, Danielle provides institutional knowledge and context to how and why things are done the way they are. She also has her hand in almost all things Operations.

Danielle will karaoke with you anytime of any day of the week. When she's not at karaoke, she's probably on a winding, mountainous drive practicing for karaoke.

Danielle studied History at Georgetown University with a one year stint at King's College London. She legally resides in East Brunswick, NJ, USA but spends most of her time traveling between NJ, PA, VA, and IL.

Danielle is hard to find both physically and online. There is a $100 cash prize to first person who can find Danielle's secret Facebook account.


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