Veronica Lin


Veronica Lin is a young and passionate spirit in her field of work. One of Veronica’s proudest achievements is obtaining a Bachelor's Degree with a double major under 2 years of studying while she interned and worked three other jobs. Proactive and eager to learn are two dear traits she carries and is what defines her as a leader.

Veronica’s role at Motivf is business development and market strategizing. Specializing in international relations and international economics, her knowledge in the commercial as well as the public sector has proven to be invaluable in facilitating multinational companies.

Although Veronica is a workaholic, she also has fun and tries to live her best life! Something she loves doing outside of work is hiking and free-driving. Veronica was born in the subtropical islands of Taiwan. The mountainous and coastal terrain allow her to immerse in her hobbies when she comes home.

American University is where she graduated, and she currently lives in the beautiful city of Washington D.C.


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Veronica Lin