Motivf is:

  1. Trustworthy - simply put, we must be worthy of being trusted. To do this, we have to have a reputation of trustworthy behavior. That starts with building trust through individual relationships and building on it to demonstrate that our small teams, and the firm itself, does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it. Trust is built every day through professionalism, keeping promises, and acting in a straightforward, transparent, trustable way.

  2. People-oriented - being people-oriented has many interpretations. Ours is that we seek to understand the human reasons (usually motivations) behind behaviors, and leverage those to develop ideas, processes, and products that are impactful. We understand the human challenges that we, as consultants, face when we do great work, and we try to balance those demands with an elasticity that allows high-performing people to rejuvenate.

  3. Innovative - we do work that challenges the norm, or that translates requirements into ideas, processes, or products to creates new value for clients. We’re adept at using cutting-edge tools, creating opportunities for blue-sky thinking, demonstrating an appetite for unconventional ideas, celebrating smart failures, and applying the principles of rapid prototyping and low-cost experimentation.

  4. Expeditionary - we can mobilize for a specific purpose quickly, deploy rapidly, and be agile, scalable, tailorable, technologically sophisticated, and lethal (for our business targets). We’re capable of task organizing at all levels to execute small team operations. We’re also capable of re-assembling into larger teams as needed. And we orient towards small-team leadership.

  5. Multi-local - globalization is our intention. Being multi-local means that we’re operating at a local level in more than one region. We’re aligned regionally so that teams are familiar with local cultures, personalities, and conditions. Our people are multi-local in various places, not just merely comfortable with traveling and working abroad.

  6. Discreet - we, as experts, operate carefully and are circumspect in our action, taking steps to remain guarded about the release of any information, whether our own or that of a client. It also means being subtle, understated, and strategic in our materials and deliverables.