Valerio Zanini


I'm a Product Designer-Builder-Leader. Working at the intersection of technology, business, and human-centered design, I am passionate about creating digital products that customers love. I have led product and technology teams across a spectrum of industries, with the unifying themes of empowering and mentoring those I work with and always seeking to exceed my customers’ expectations. An entrepreneur at heart, I excel at building new products in the early stages of product innovation, where uncertainty and lack of a clear solution are the biggest challenges. This is the space where entrepreneurship, team-building, and technology know-how make a difference.

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- Product ideation and development
- Team development and coaching
- Agile methodologies/Scrum/Lean Startup
- Design Thinking
- Software development, web, apps
- Entrepreneurship
- Data analysis and web analytics 
- Systems integration

Valerio is a Certified Scrum Professional, Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFe Program Consultant SPC, and IDEO Insights for Innovation.


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Valerio Zanini