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Difficulty of access to quantified values of effects eco-friendly products have on the environment make consumers unmotivated to change their preexisting behaviors.

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Motivf developed a data-driven, visually engaging report on dollar, CO2, waste, and water savings to consumers that represents the impact each purchase creates.

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Motivf established an accessible, transparent relationship between company and consumer that increases awareness of the positive environmental impacts that accompany using the products and encourages the consumer to integrate these products into their everyday life.


How we did it



The product information, descriptions, and numeric savings values were calculated. The data needed to tell a story that would resonate with the consumer, yet also needed to fit succinctly onto a two-sided pamphlet. All the information that needed to be included was prioritized, after which a journey map was created to optimize the translation of each product into the overall story and mission of the company. Finally, the information was formatted to fit in the packaging of the product.


From the Client


There are two goals when presenting data: convey your story and establish credibility.
— Edward Tufte