A robotics company with more than 20 subsidiaries across the globe

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The client's global nature did not translate successfully into its use of the internet for important sales communication and product demonstration; the content was simply adjusted by the user using standard Google software, without any cultural adjustments.

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Motivf analyzed the potential implications of word and image selection in the translation of website copy and layout internationally.

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Motivf provided recommendations on using cultural translators to adjust the copy and images in order to address cultural priorities in regards to sales and specific industries.


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Motivf utilized its network to provide analysis of the website from cultural perspectives, including: Spain; France; Germany; Mexico; and various Chinese locations.


From the Client

Because culture gives birth to language, translation and culture are intimately connected. Meanings in both source and target languages are profoundly affected by their cultural context, especially in business translation.
— Don Schaeffer, a content writer with Ulatus (https://www.ulatus.com/translation-blog/the-importance-of-culture-in-translation/)