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Taylor is motivated by the way neuroscience can be intertwined with design— how the complexities of cognition can be parsed into meaningful guidance on how to design effectively for people. She applies her background in neuroscience and psychology to web design and UX to create experiences that are intuitive to the user and the context in which they’ll be used.

Taylor has designed and built websites starting at the ideation phases all the way through front-end development and is currently expanding that experience to back-end development as well. She is well-versed in competitor analysis, persona creation, prototyping, and build-out. Her understanding for strategy and data-driven design developed in her previous roles as a campaign coordinator on her campus and neuroscience researcher. Whether she is analyzing engagement in online learning using EEG recordings and Python scripts, quantifying strength of mental imagery through behavioral studies, or studying sound localization using fMRI, Taylor constantly frames questions around the various variables that could affect the results. She has a keen attention-to-detail and believes that, like any research experiment, design decisions should also be made with an analytical backing.

Taylor expands her creative side through an online magazine she creates called “inbtwn.” (pronounced in between). She interviews artists, musicians, and photographers from around the world about their work, receives submissions, and creates the magazine layout with the central exploration being that “we are constantly falling into and out of ourselves”. The magazine has an international following in over 70 countries and hopefully will continue to grow. When she’s not in the mood to be staring at her screen, Taylor loves to sit down at the piano or with her guitar for an hour, go for a run (nothing clears her head more), or go for a quick surf.

Taylor will be graduating in May 2019 from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Computational Neuroscience and a minor in Communication Design. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


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