Tahroma Alligood


Tahroma is motivated by meeting clients’ needs with functional, elegant, innovation solutions. Her hope is to improve our society and communities in partnership with them. She enjoys exploring the root causes of health within complex systems. The influence of policy and social determinants on population health and safety fascinates her.

She was a civilian staff officer with the U.S. Army in Europe and lived in Germany for five years. She later administered large federal research programs for a statewide health system. Prior to her career in health, she was an engineer and management consultant working for global companies ranging from breweries to financial institutions to toilet seat manufacturers. She lived in Argentina for more than a year on a Rotary scholarship and has built schools in Central America.

She enjoys being part of her community emergency response team. They have been on alert to sandbag during hurricane weather, and they get to role play during mass casualty exercises to keep their triage skills sharp.

Tahroma earned a degree in industrial engineering from The Milwaukee School of Engineering. After ten years in manufacturing, technology, and finance, Tahroma earned a Masters in Public Health from the University of Wisconsin (Go Badgers!). She’s partway through her PhD in Epidemiology from Oregon Health & Science University focused on clinical research design and population health analytics. She currently lives in Old Town Alexandria, VA, USA.


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Tahroma Alligood