Stephen Weidman


Stephen is motivated by failure and mistakes. The ability to learn and gain knowledge from failure and mistakes is the ability to grow and better yourself.  Stephen is a consultant for Motivf who primarily works with the GIS team performing duties for multiple contracts. He provides ability to take on any task that is given to him and contributes to helping Motivf grow in all departments. Stephen has worked on previous GIS contracts for the DoD and FEMA and helped conduct a study on alluvial diamonds for the USGS.

For majority of his life, Stephen has played baseball and enjoyed watching the Yankees. Since retirement, Stephen has moved on to softball and other club sports. When not playing sports, Stephen can be found either in the gym or tinkering with vehicles. Stephen also enjoys being in the outdoors and instructing others proper firearm safety and handling.

Stephen has a BA in Geography and a Certificate in GIS from the University of Mary Washington. He currently lives in Alexandria, VA.


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Stephen Weidman