Shelley Davis


Shelley is motivated by a desire to infiltrate every task with creativity—finding ways to make things stand out by breaking up with the blueprints, then doing (and saying) what no one else is. She helps people, brands, and businesses find the right words to say (hint: it’s usually hidden in plain sight), the right look, and the right cherry on top that makes people want to hang out and learn more.  

Shelley earned a M.S. in Biology from VCU in Richmond, Virginia. She gained unique perspectives while working with the U.S. Army as a wildlife biologist and geospatial data analyst. Her work with the Army eventually brought her to the west coast, where she expanded her creative horizons into copywriting, branding, graphic design, and project management.

Shelley’s communications skills transcend her own species, so in her spare time she can be found working with shelter dogs—helping them become the goodest good boys and girls they can be and find their forever homes. She also writes children’s fiction under the pseudonym “S.C. Davis”, and illustrates books for early readers.

Shelley lives and works in Oakland, California. Her office mates include a Yellow Lab and a Flame Point Siamese.


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