Sandra Barron


Sandra is passionate about improving the circumstances and outcomes of marginalized and vulnerable people both abroad and domestically through innovative and empathic program development. She puts that passion to work at Motivf specializing in diversity and inclusion, international development, and project management.

Sandra has more than 15 years of program management experience in the nonprofit and international sectors working on five continents bettering sexual and reproductive health access for youth and improving economic education systems through teacher professional development. She serves as the VP of the board for the Metro New York Chapter of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women.

Sandra has a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Minor in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently working on an M.A. in International Relations from the City University of New York.

In the play that we call life, Sandra is the stage manager. If everything is going according to plan, you never know she’s there. If not, then La La Land is “winning” the Best Picture at the Oscars. Sandra lives in Brooklyn, NY, USA. You can follow her @sbarron20 for her rants, raves, and pictures of her dog.


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