Large supply chain management and not-for-profit international education association

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Before launching a new suite of courses, the client knew that big changes were needed to make the content engaging and learnable, but time and budgets were running short.

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Motivf analyzed the existing content with an eye for the lowest-effort, highest-impact changes that could be made.

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The client was presented with hundreds of recommendations for the course, detailing how long each would take and why they were important. Motivf then worked with the client to execute the recommendations deemed the highest priority.


How we did it



Our experience helped us properly scope the work, set expectations for the client, and understand what would have the highest impact on learner experience. We spent time with the client to understand their constraints, recommended only what would be actionable by the client, and ensured that we recommended the most cost-effective solution. We recommended developing videos only when the medium would be more effective than simply placing the graphic closer to the text, and we recommended developing interactive exercises only when simply reading the text or watching a video wouldn't get the idea across.