A subdivision of the US military

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The client requires accurate GIS data, including geometry and attribution.

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Motivf had GIS analysts consult with subject matter experts to ensure that GIS data is complete and accurate.

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Motivf delivered GIS data that is accurately populated with information provided by the subject matter experts.


How we did it



Motivf GIS analysts got in contact with all specified proponents to set up conference calls with each of them. During the conference calls the Motivf team members introduced the proponents to the GIS work they will be doing and how they need the help of the the proponents. During the on-site meetings, the proponents provided the team with with information that would help Motivf accurately update the GIS attributes and geometry as required by the data standards.


From the Client

Should be quick work, we have no past or current remediation sites (or excavations). Our Historic Districts, archeologic districts, and historic assets are well documented as are out wetlands.
— Environmental Proponent working on project