Visual collaboration software:

Product Testing for an American Audience.



High market penetration and adoption levels in Korea and southeast Asia do not translate in the United States or Europe.



US-based app testing, user interface feedback, and smoothing text translation nuances to improve seamless user experience.



Global rollout of the app with increasing market share in English-speaking markets.


How we did it



When adoption and market penetration rates vary wildly across countries, regions, and languages, the solution often comes from better understanding your target audiences where you cannot cross the chasm. Early adopters in target markets are a key resource for feedback. As early adopters and lookalike audiences are engaged in each local market, a massive amount of user-generated feedback is collected and sorted. Those impressions are observed, studied, sorted, and patterns identified. With this information, developers are able to quickly localize content, tweak interfaces, or provide options for user customization. Each product presents its own story in each local market.



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