Our Perspective

These market forces impact our view of the marketplace in 2019.

  • Accelerating Change

  • Design as Differentiator

  • Economic Dynamism

  • War for Top Talent



Accelerating Change

People and organizations today are faced with exponential growth of change in technology, globalization, and climate change. The exponential increase in computing power defined by Moore’s law is one of the main drivers of this acceleration. Advances in silicon chips, software, storage, sensors, and networking create new opportunities and new challenges.


Design as Differentiator

As products become more technologically complex and computer power as a feature is less significant in buying decisions, consumers are demanding more simplicity and delight from online and offline experiences. By applying principles of behavioral science to design challenges and working to understand what really motivates — and irritates — consumers, we improve the experience quickly and less expensively. 


Economic Dynamism

Due to the reduced cost of computing power economic dynamism matters more than scale. Entrepreneurial thinking is required at all levels of an organization, and many reliable multinationals are becoming less agile, and their workforces are losing productivity. Accelerating change, creative destruction, and friction-free exchanges are changes in the way the global economy is transforming, and there are vast opportunities for those who possess the brainpower, drive, ambition and excitement to constantly learn.


War for Top Talent

People and organizations need to continuously change and adapt to stay relevant.  We believe that the war for top talent will continue to intensify, and building a company around people from the beginning is a differentiator that will help this small company to attract the talent we need to compete and provide bespoke solutions globally.


We believe in the power of human ingenuity.

Gerd_survey_website_small rightfacing.png

Motivf specializes in finding and solving hard-to-find and hard-to-reach challenges

Our team's extraordinary and far-reaching collective experience not only exemplifies that human ingenuity factor—it also allows us to engage with you in a fresh yet professional way. No two solutions look the same—our support is crafted just for you, to address your exact needs, and taking into account your unique concerns.

We’re on the pulse of modern technology and media

We have closely monitored their evolution to inform our own fiercely independent approach—all to give you exceptional advice and unprecedented outcomes that will last for years to come.



We believe in the power of geospatial technologies.


What if the facts you need are all over the place: in the air, on a device, or in your neighborhood? How would you come to a decision if all the data out there is useful, but not concise or relatable? The geo-tagged world offers so much insight, but can be overwhelming all at once.

Motivf can filter relevant spatial data from the noise, understand the network, and build the scenario for your business out of all forms of raw data. 

In a world filled with questions you didn’t know you have to ask, Motivf has the right people with the experience in seeking exactly these insights. We’ll help you create your own unique scenario in whichever space or dimension fits your organization. We’ll get those answers, synthesize the facts, and position you to make the right decisions.


We believe in the power of visual communication.


In a rapidly digitizing world, organizations relying on traditional communications tactics are having a harder time staying relevant.

Motivf applies our experience in the world of human-centered design, corporate communications, and technology to help organizations get an equal foothold in the new media landscape.

We'll enable you to navigate a digital transformation and use it to your advantage to make your voice a relevant part of the conversation.

With more than 15 years of experience within a variety of well-established industries including banking, aerospace, and technology, we can help you filter the noise, find your voice, and communicate your message.

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