A robotics company with more than 20 subsidiaries across the globe

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The client suspected that its website was responsible for a dip in sales, but had no evidence to support it.

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Motivf researched other industry sites, examined cultural implications of a website being used without localization of design and content, reviewed the client's marketing goals, analyzed sales and capital data, and conducted a global survey of system partners in order to have a broad swath of information to use in providing recommendations.

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Dissatisfaction with the website was noted by system partners, who are the key players in bringing in revenue to the client.


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Throughout the project, the client leadership consistently noted their appreciation of Motivf’s flexibility, attention to detail, and recommendations. Motivf developed a positive rapport with leadership and gained a trusted advisor relationship, with a perview into the client's proprietary information. The client's US offices suggested Motivf join them on a trip to Germany to discuss recommendations at the client's holding company office.


From the Client

The tables on the product pages should have the main models listed first....The first 4 columns should be the standard...This would greatly reduce the requirement for the user to use the right arrow to scroll through the multiple columns.
— User Survey Quote