A US County Fire & Rescue Department

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Getting potential volunteer recruits to recognize their fit in your organization means they must be able to picture themselves in that role right away, without much stretch of the imagination.

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Motivf designed bold and attractive banners for each station that showcased actual and relatable current volunteers and the critical, rewarding work they do.

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Potential Fire & EMS volunteer recruits immediately see evidence of their peers in action, making it easy to imagine themselves filling the same boots.


How we did it



Motivf worked with the county's Fire and EMS Volunteer Recruitment and Retention program to identify the best visual assets to attract new volunteers through the use of banners at public events. We curated photographic representations of actual volunteers in a range of activities: from the dirty work to showing hints of the myriad emotional rewards. Along with bold branding, these stories-through-photographs are a visual catalyst for potential volunteers to readily imagine a calling to appear on the banners themselves.


From the Client

Awesome idea! Love the ‘commercial!