Environmental company that empowers individuals to live green

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The seemingly distant association between the planet’s environmental health and the impact of an individual’s daily product choices places limitations on the ability to convey the ease and importance of integrating eco-friendly products into everyday life.

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Implemented a cohesive and visually engaging website to highlight the ease of integrating eco-friendly products into the consumer’s lifestyle and increase sales.

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Created an intuitive, navigable platform that details the critical relationship between the products sold, the consumers’ lifestyles, and the global environmental impact and generates a desire to purchase the product.


How we did it



After brainstorming the thought processes of a consumer, two visual approaches were developed to connect with various aspects of the user path and perspective. Additionally, the navigational paths and calls-to-action on the website were restructured to suit consumers with little to no knowledge on the product as well as consumers ready to purchase. A final, “lifestyle-first”, visual approach was selected after which brand colors, product images, and written content were created and integrated into the wireframe layouts to complete the website.


From the Client

I really enjoyed working with Motivf through our re-branding and website redesign. They listened to our various thoughts and the higher level of what we were envisioning and then quickly coming up with several different examples and approaches for us to review, discuss, and iterate. This test/iterate approach made the process move quickly and deliver what we think is the huge upgrade from our previous site. As an example, we had the opportunity to head in either a product or lifestyle approach with our new product. Motivf quickly mocked up the two different paths, explained reasoning behind each, and offered advice. We ended up moving in the lifestyle first approach, but only because of the effort that was put in understanding where we envision us heading. We’ve received great feedback on the new site already. It truly matches our brand and succinctly and beautifully conveys who we are and what [the company] is about.
— Founder of the company