Large supply chain management and not-for-profit international education association

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A series of online courses, created from instructor-led content, was heavily text-based and did not support learning.

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Motivf combined its expertise in instructional design and adult learning principles with its expertise in visual communication to develop graphics that were simple, quick, and helped the learner understand the course material.

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The resulting courses, peppered with instructional graphics that added context by evoking memories and feelings about the subject matter.


How we did it



When the association asked an online learning platform to convert their instructor-led training to online courses, they thought that the resulting content would be more engaging, visual, and learnable. When it wasn't, they turned to Motivf. After analyzing the course and submitting recommendations, we noticed that a lot of the recommendations required the development of instructional graphics. With time short, we knew that the graphics would need to be simple, quickly evoking a feeling or memory about the associated content to help the learner provide their own context. We created a few prototypes to find out what the client liked best, then worked to develop graphics to improve the course.