A government agency responsible for public safety

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Building on the success of a program for adults, the client wanted to teach kids the skills they need to help the chances of survival for someone facing a life-threatening situation.

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A fun, engaging card game for kids that helps them practice "responding" to emergencies using different critical skills. An accompanying companion book helps teachers, community leaders, or parents discuss each skill and how to stay safe while helping others.

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During testing, the emergency situations included in the game sparked discussion among students about times when they faced similar situations and how they handled it. After playing the game, kids were able to recall the skills when asked about them later and said that they felt more confident that they could help in an emergency situation.


How we did it



Working with child health experts and stakeholders, Motivf developed a card-drafting game that asks kids to work together or alone to respond to emergencies. The game is designed to incentivize positive actions, such as working together, and reinforces five critical skills to help kids recall what they need to do if they are faced with an emergency situation. Motivf also developed a companion book, which walks a parent, teacher, or other community leader through a short lesson that they can use to introduce the game and concepts.