Lauren Hershey


Food & travel motivate Lauren. Otherwise, professionally, she’s compelled by human or life-altering components such as improving quality of life or reducing pain and suffering for humans or animals.

At Motivf, she serves as the Compliance Lead on a number of proposals, ensuring adherence to stated requirements. For previous clients, she has performed research and written reports revealing the findings. She edits and reviews documents, ensuring all submitted work is of the highest standard. She supports the evaluation of programs and systems, providing feedback as needed. Lauren also provides program support for a variety of functions.

Lauren also has experience in International Development Program Support in Global Health (WASH, Food Assistance), reporting, fundraising, event planning for non-profits, and administrative support.

She is an animal lover and rescue advocate. She is a cat mom to Yam & Gnocchi, Instagram celebrities, @yamandgnocchi, who keep her up at night, but bring her so much joy. She holds an ABJ in Advertising & BA in Spanish from The University of Georgia. She also has an MSc in Development Administration and Planning (Sustainable Infrastructure & WASH) from the University College London. She now lives in Washington, DC, USA.


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