Helen Plattner


Solving problems that cross disciplines is a motivator. At Motivf, she is able to employ geospatial tools to create engaging visualizations, maps, and other products which help to make connections between data sets and answer questions. She has worn a variety of hats in her worklife, from varied roles in business to being a flight attendant. These experiences have impressed upon her the value of listening to the customer’s needs in addition to their requests, and provided a greater understanding as to differing perspectives and cultural experiences.

She enjoys photography, playing board games, and recently has been delving into the world of VR.  Just as varied as her work history has been her college career where I have studied Recreation Education, Criminal Justice, and GIS, with my most recent degree being a Master of Professional Studies in Geospatial Information Sciences from the University of Maryland at College Park.  I’ve lived in NY, CA, and now reside in Vienna, Virginia.


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Helen Plattner

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