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Motivf understands that public health is a key component of population and community wellness. Our staff has experience working in county, state, and federal health agencies with backgrounds in health sciences, health messaging and outreach, and public health and medical disaster response. We develop each solution using an analytical, evidence-based, and human-centered approach. Innovative solutions include application of Design Thinking to community health assessments, community health improvement plans, strategic plans, and emergency operations plans leading to accreditation.


Motivf offers this fast growing industry an agile approach to process, project and operational management that addresses its rapidly evolving needs. We’ve helped companies optimize how they source, assess, and train therapists, aides, and nurses; ensure home health staff understand and maintain HIPAA regulations; adopt and roll-out technological tools that track compliance and expedite payment; adhere to guidelines for the exchange of data; and create branding that communicates excellence in service.



To support the efforts of companies that seek to enrich, nurture, and empower senior citizens through quality care and resources, Motivf invests time in understanding the unique setup of each client’s facility and service program. From residential services to assistive, nursing, retirement, or rehabilitation communities—including elder legal services—we give each program and location its deserved specialized strategies. Motivf offers marketing, quality assurance, software integrations, and records management as part of its elder care services.


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