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The DoD has massive and complex undertakings—from training, to overseeing the largest real estate holding in the world, to extensive global research and development projects. Motivf currently supports DoD clients at the local, regional, command, and headquarters level with geospatial asset tracking and process improvement. We're poised to offer further solutions, including communication strategies, training development, and analytics to support large-scale decisions such as Base Realignment and Closure.


OPM is responsible for all things human resources-related in the federal government, managing the civilian workforce, and more. Motivf is supporting a national-level program for OPM with Organizational Change Management and process improvement.


Motivf's experience with emergency preparedness at the Federal level goes hand in hand with our services to state- and local-level government safety and security programs. At a granular level, we can use powerful analytics to help create safer, faster responses to emergencies, with added insights from our geospatial capabilities. Our communications and cultural teams can help bridge the crucial gap between public safety officials and members of the public.



DHS is tasked with the safety of a nation—protecting borders, monitoring terrorism, and preparing for and responding to emergencies and natural disasters. Motivf is providing support to national and state-level efforts for DHS clients. We employ geospatial analysis tools to help them find and prepare vulnerable communities. Then, we use our expertise in underserved communities, inclusion methods, and even marketing to improve strategic and digital communications with everyday citizens.


State and local public services include everything from transportation, utilities, and social services to education, recreation, and everything in between. The services you provide to your public can be enhanced when tailored to reach them. Motivf is able to apply our expertise in communications, culture, data, and geography to help. We can create advertising and marketing campaigns for important public services, map energy consumption to target efforts to reduce consumption, develop recreational programs that are culturally inclusive, or track and improve the outcomes of myriad public programs.


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