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For commercial, investment, and universal banks, Motivf is prepared with the tools to further growth. Our geospatial analysts can help banks use data to understand how user behavior differs based on location. Motivf's marketing experts and data scientists will offer further insight to help you understand the specifics of your market on a macro and micro level, and how to target areas on varying scales. For banks of all sizes, corporate culture should be localized to various offices across the globe, and Motivf's inclusion and cultural experts can guide this process.


Motivf is prepared to help set up businesses and organizations of all sizes for financial success. Our advisory services can help you discover what you need to know to win work, to grow your business, or to reach any other goal. We can help you strategically analyze all risks, and create action and contingency plans. If your business is just starting out, or taking a reset, Motivf can prepare detailed market analysis, outline competitor and competitive advantages, manage your portfolio, analyze user behavior, and more.



Location is one of many factors with great impact on the insurance industry—fortunately spatial data is increasingly available and utilized. With high-fidelity data capture and creation, Motivf's geospatial experts can help you visualize how behaviors and trends change over various geographic areas, and how this localization should contribute to risk analysis and rates. Our process-improvement teams are ready to help insurance companies streamline their methods and upgrade efficiency, saving costs and boosting profits. And as growth of global businesses increases, Motivf's inclusion experts are poised to help insurance companies find success across cultural dimensions.


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