A robotics company with more than 20 subsidiaries across the globe

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The client noticed a decline in their leads since their holding company invested a substantial amount of money for a new website, and wanted to provide evidence to support their conclusion that the site is at least contributing to their decline in leads.

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Motivf provided project and account management to support user experience design (UX) content and search engine optimization (SEO) analysis of the client's website, reporting on: layout and design; images; content length and verbiage (including cultural translations); site mapping, site traffic generation; global positioning and security.

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Motivf delivered a well-received report which highlighted multiple problems on the website, along with specific supporting examples and an explanation of the significance of the problems.


How we did it



Motivf collaborated with the client to understand the challenges currently being faced in order to recommend the best strategy for maneuvering a complicated corporate landscape. This collaboration involved formal discovery and deep dive discussions along with informal chats to understand and fulfill the client's expectations. The website was difficult to analyze because it had many layers that were used publicly and internally. Therefore, a team of analysts was used to audit the site in order to ensure the accuracy of the investigation.


From the Client

This is absolutely what we’re looking for, and I am personally eager to take these findings and have you help us propose a site that will help our teams be successful.
— Client POC (Global Content Manager)