A division of the US military

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Obtaining permissions to fly drones on military installations.

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Motivf developed a standard operating procedure containing information on how the contractor team will obtain required documents to fly, how the contractor team will conduct flight operations and complete their post processing.

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Motivf enabled the creation of high quality orthomosaic maps that the contractor team can use to collect polygon, line, and points features in GIS applications.


How we did it



Motivf created a drone flight and ground operations standard operating procedure (SOP) for this contract. The purpose of the SOP was to define the roles and responsibilities of the contractor team and to effectively conduct drone flights on military installations. Certain measures must be taken to ensure personnel are qualified and hold all required licenses; equipment is airworthy and maintained; and safety guidelines are followed. Motivf followed these guidelines to gain flying permissions on military installations in order to create high quality orthomosaic maps in small areas that were recently update since installation wide imagery was created.