Department within Federal government agency preparing Americans for disasters

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Globally, communities face the threat of devastation from natural or human-caused disasters. Many communities and individuals remain ill-prepared to weather these emergencies, placing their lives and property at risk.

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Motivf was charged with simplifying and distilling complex and sometimes competing direction from federal and academic experts into calls to action for public consumption that were concise, understandable, actionable, and compelling.

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Motivf developed visually attractive one page information sheets through the creation of new graphics and messaging substantiated by the latest guidance which was peer reviewed by national experts.


How we did it



As a large number (approximately 40%) of the American public aren't prepared for disasters, Motivf created public information one-pagers that distill down the vast amount of research that exists in order to advise Americans how to prepare, act during, and respond after natural and man-made disasters.


From the Client

The process was iterative and involved a multidimensional team of graphics, communications, and research.