Collaboration Program

The Motivf Collaboration Program is intended to explore the edge effects of bringing high- performance people together from all walks of life to participate in ideation, planning, and business development discussions/projects. The Program gives collaborators a front-row view to a modern global startup. In exchange for this front-row view, we ask that collaborators contribute their ideas, wisdom, experience, and a little time. In return, we promise to expose you to as many diverse thought opportunities as possible.

While participating in the Collaboration Program, we will be actively looking for opportunities for you to do paid, client-facing work. The Position Description (below) outlines the part-time rate and other details of your potential paid employment with Motivf while participating as a Collaborator. The part-time rate corresponds to the Motivf standard labor categories and allows us to introduce you to work that is part of our structure. Should you bring work to Motivf during your participation in the Program or participate in winning a new project, your rate will be determined during the bid process. The Collaboration Program does not guarantee paid work. Paid work will be documented by a simple subcontract specific to the project you will be working on.

Once a Collaborator has been enrolled in the Program, s/he will be given access to the Motivf Slack forum. Collaborators are free to join as few or as many non-private channels and conversations as they like. The Collaborator Program runs on a trimesterly basis. At the end of the trimester, both the Collaborator and Motivf will assess whether it is in everyone’s best interests to continue working together.

Location: Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, NYC, Nationwide (USA), Global.

Collaborator Terms

The Motivf Collaboration Program is intended to provide a space for professional curiosity, creativity, and intellectual stimulation. We value a diversity of perspectives at Motivf and therefore have developed the Collaboration Program to embrace more experiences and voices in broadening our horizons and getting to know and understand people from around the world.

What We Offer You

A Collaborator must be willing to learn and get out of their comfort zone. We offer collaborators:

  1. Exposure to Motivf’s global network of high-performance professionals. Exposure is defined as access to the Motivf Contact Sheet and to all non-private channels on the Motivf team Slack account.

  2. Participation in Motivf’s trimester meetings and other invitation-only events.

  3. Access to Motivf partnerships with professional organizations, co-working spaces, continuing education programs, and workshops, events and conferences for reduced pricing and group participation.

  4. Hands-on experience doing something different than you have ever done before. Thought opportunities to participate in conversations and decision-making discussions in a wide range of topics — i.e., 3D printing, Drone Racing, Sales Pitches/Proposals...

  5. Exposure to use Motivf’s stack of tools.

  6. Involvement in dogfooding Motivf internal projects and/or testing emerging technologies.

  7. Priority consideration for full-time employment and/or part-time engagement opportunities.

  8. An honest and objective letter of reference upon request once per trimester, based on the cumulative experience of the Collaborator’s membership in the program (the Collaborator must complete a full trimester of membership before a letter will be provided).

As we grow, we hope to continue to expand the Collaboration Program, and the benefits we offer to collaborators.

Minimum Requirements

One primary function of the program is to get to know you through hands-on work and joint projects. Collaborators are welcome to join the Program as long as they meet the minimum requirements. These activities are planned to take approximately 3 hours per week. Some weeks might be more, some weeks might be less. Minimum collaborator requirements:

  1. Collaborators must participate in the Trimester Banzai as a full participant. We conduct three banzai events per year. The current banzai activities for 2018 are: Trimester 1, Sales Banzai; Trimester 2, Proposal Banzai, and Trimester 3, Professional Development Banzai.

  2. Collaborators must provide feedback to the Collaborator Wrangler (aka the Collaboration Program Manager) regarding Motivf, the Collaboration Program, and other relevant areas. Your perspective seeing Motivf from the outside-in and inside-out is a valuable asset to help us understand perception and reality.

  3. Collaborators must use Slack (and other Motivf internal applications) responsibly and pro-actively, and communicate with Motivf employees and other collaborators with respect and civility (see How to Slack with Motivf).

  4. Collaborators just entering the workforce will be closely mentored by their managers through biweekly talks and other formats to ease you into your career through Motivf.

An ideal collaborator will take advantage of this opportunity to explore long-hidden or freshly— discovered professional passions and build a cadre of like-minded people. We support a matrix of studios and R&D programs specifically to do this.

Our aim is to always hire collaborators first before recruiting outside of our network. We are investing in the Collaborator Program as an alternative to intensive hiring programs.