Cindy Mallory


Huddled over with 30 tabs on her web browser open at all times, Cindy Mallory is a leading NYC games and emergent tech consultant. She cut her teeth launching a PS4 game and virtual reality mecha arcade title while building two international research committees focusing on VR and blockchain.

Cindy enjoys applying data science to digital product, business development, and opening new markets for high tech. She collaborates with Motivf to optimize systems, scope opportunities, deal source, and negotiate.

A global speaker and advisor to an educational games company at NYU, Cindy is passionate about sharing her findings. She has spoken on everything from VR real estate to AR monetization to blockchain coopetition on stages including NYC Television Week, NYC Blockchain Week, 4C St, Petersburg, Russia, and the Gaming Analytics Summit in San Francisco.  

Cindy-never-Cynthia is an emo scientist that pushed the boundaries in streaming mixed reality gaming. You can often find her hanging out on rooftops or at Brooklyn shows when she’s not devouring white papers and scavenging on GitHub.

Cindy studied biochemistry and was designing enzymes for industrial biofuel application...and dropped out to pursue a career in video games. She is now an adjunct professor that frequently lectures on integrated media, blockchain fin-tech regulation, design-thinking, and emergent tech ecosystem development.

Cindy hosts airbnb out of one of her guest rooms in her spooky victorian mansion in a university city an hour outside of NYC while working in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Check out her next podcast with Jeff Pulver on Blockchain Interoperability in February on BrightTalk.


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