Chris Ross


Chris’s greatest motivator is science fiction. He believes in creating a world that we have only written stories about. He might be one of the more mobile of his colleagues, being able to travel or relocate as needed. He collects data in the field for analysis and cataloging using GIS.

Nearly all his prior experience has been customer service of some kind. The most significant of his experiences might be a cautious eye from lifeguarding and an understanding of rules and procedures as a training supervisor.

Chris has always seen himself as sort of a visionary or dreamer. His close friends hear all of his crazy ideas and, even though he has no experience to actually follow through with many of them, some of his friends have remarked on his inspiration and motivation.

He went to The University of Wyoming, a small-ish university with a small geography department and a 3D visualization center that has The CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). He currently lives in King City, CA. USA.


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