Brandon Smart


Brandon is motivated by human interaction. Humanity never ceases to amaze or surprise him, and he will go to no ends to connect with new and interesting people. This human-centric fascination creates a deep curiosity that drives his efforts in researching tools for process improvement, wrangling knowledge management, and creating new working relationships out of thin air.

Brandon is currently an active duty Marine of 14 years and going. He has served in a multitude of billets, including Logistician, Maintenance Management Chief, Schoolhouse Instructor of Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers, and Internal Innovation Leader. Between web page development and being a dad, Brandon loves to sit behind his drum set and let the rhythm take over. In other news, if he had a son his name would be Severus. Expelliarmus!

Brandon Graduated from Ashford University with a BA in Organizational Management and is now attending Liberty University for his MBA in Healthcare Management. He lives in Richlands, NC, USA.


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Brandon Smart