A US County Fire & Rescue Department

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Getting the right information into the hands of potential volunteer recruits is only effective if the informations is absorbed, not tossed right into the trash -- the key is real human connection.

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Designed and printed attractive and inspiring promotional brochures, packed with easy-to-digest information, stirring testimonials, and clear calls to action.

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Potential volunteers are handed a brochure with engaging images, the nuts-and-bolts info, plus in-their-own words volunteer stories to help them visualize being in the role themselves -- and it's clear what the next steps are to realize that part of their future identity.


How we did it



Motivf listened to the goals and challenges of the county's Fire & EMS Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Program. We distilled the information down to the most important bite-size pieces potential volunteers would need in order to take action signing up, with special focus on insights from direct volunteer testimonials. Our design team curated images and graphics and prepared a visually engaging brochure, then partnered with a trusted print shop local to the client for print and hand-delivery.