At Motivf, we understand that any beauty and lifestyle brand must put their customers who use their products and services first. That is why Motivf uses a human-centered approach for all its beauty and lifestyle services, ranging from brand strategy to product development and marketing. Motivf, with its unparalleled team of experts, resources, and robust partnerships, support and guide clients in building out and expanding their brand and vision with utmost dedication.


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Branding is the cornerstone of any successful beauty and lifestyle product or service. With our market research, story-telling, and visual communication experts, Motivf supports clients translate to their vision into clear stories and craft brand identities that are unique to and resonate with their target customers.

Motivf also helps already established brands strategically reposition their brand to resonate with a more targeted audience and find better growth opportunities.



Any beauty and lifestyle brand needs to stay in-the-know with continuously changing market and consumer trends. Motivf provides numerous digital marketing and social media services that will help brands adapt and align with evolving digital landscapes and consumer expectations. We help our clients achieve the following, but not limited to:

  • E-Commerce Strategy including, but not limited to, Web Design, UX Design, and Data Analytics

  • Content Creation, Copywriting, and Strategy

  • Social Media Planning and Management

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing



Motivf, with its beauty and lifestyle industry experts and resources, supports brands throughout the entire product development process, from product concept ideation to creation to launch. We help brands connect with leading OEMs/ODMs and help ensure their product vision aligns with their brand identity.

With our transparent, iterative, and results-driven agile operating model, we guide brands step-by-step throughout the entire product development process, making sure the client and all parties involved are fully engaged and in sync.



Think big. Motivf strategically guides indie brands with a vision beyond its initial consumer base to expand globally. We help brands identify various business and growth opportunities across borders, and help brands understand a region’s different beauty and lifestyle trends and consumer landscape.


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