Bear Afkhami


Bear is motivated daily to pursue the American dream, not just for himself, but to help family, friends, co-workers and clients achieve the same. He believes that everyday should be spent taking advantage of all of the opportunities a free society provides.

Bear is the Business Development Manager at Motivf, leading client outreach efforts to promote Motivf’s innovative solutions involving analytics, creativity, geospatial, inclusion, performance, process and strategy services (even in his profile he insisted on promoting Motivf’s seven service areas). With over eighteen years of experience leading business and development efforts for different organizations, Bear also has advisory roles on Motivf’s financial, human resources, continuity of operations and strategic planning teams.

Compiling nearly two decades of strategic, startup and development experience, Bear authored the book called “The Startup King: From Side Hustles to Fortune 500.” In it, he outlines the exact best practices all startup entrepreneurs should take in order to succeed. “The Startup King” is also available in seminar format, offered at Motivf headquarters in Arlington, Virginia and soon to be developed by Motivf’s Learning Technology team into an eLearning course.

Outside of the business world, Bear has completed fire department and military volunteer service and continues to serve in numerous emergency management and disaster planning roles.

If you ever wonder which of the Star Trek series ranks highest in epicness, Bear can provide you some strong opinions (apparently it’s TNG). Also be advised not to confuse Star Wars with Star Trek. Also, Quantum Leap.

Bear graduated from American Military University with a B.A. in Intelligence Studies and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Applied Business Analytics. He now lives in the Washington. DC metro area.

Where to find Bear? Well, theorizing that one could travel within his own lifetime, Bear stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished. He woke to find himself trapped in mirror images that were not his own. His only guide on this journey is his email and phone number, which only he can see and hear. He doesn’t have Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but does love to meet in-person, at conferences, seminars and other places to engage in deep conversation. And so Bear leaps from life to life striving to put right what once went wrong, hoping the next leap will be the leap into a great opportunity.


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